13 year old Connaire Daniels left home (Salisbury QLD) Sunday 17th Feb at 1130am heading towards Southbank, Brisbane. He has not been heard from since.
He was wearing a White shirt with Dark Print, Cream shoes, Red vans (shoes) and most likely his Black DC or Monster cap.
Connaire is 13 years old. He is 6 foot + tall, slim to avg build, has auburn hair and dark brown eyes.
He/Someone deactivated his facebook account shortly after his brother Jake posted on his wall asking his friends if they knew where he is/was.
Connaire is also diabetic, requiring insulin.
He does not have a mobile phone on him and would have limited cash. 1800 333 000 or local Police if you’ve seen him.

Please guys reblog!!! I’m diabetic and it’s so so important he gets insulin! Please reblog!!

What is a dietician?

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